Karen Power – is it raining while you listen

by houseabovetheworld

This is a thing of beauty.

A Unique tri-fold booklet, made thick and textured untreated card, unfolds to reveal a selection of images and notes that gently prompt interpretation without dictating it’s content.

This theme of carefully crafted disparate elements being lovingly brought together continues on the album itself. Rustling indistinct murmurs fade in and out, field recordings and tape manipulation entwining and vying for prominence with sparse instrumentation.

Introspective and captivating, at times building to sudden climaxes, but more often lapsing into introspective silences or spiraling into elegant gliding drones.

There is an inherent playfulness to these compositions reflected in the whimsical track titles, ‘flies who dreamt of more than windscreens’ being my particular favorite.

Overall an exceptional release – highly recommended.